Difference Between Telescopic Crane and Spider Platform

telescopic crane and spider platform

Telescopic crane and spider platform are two important equipment that provide the ability to work at high altitudes. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

FeatureTelescopic CraneSpider Platform
Lifting CapacityHighLow
Working AreaWideLimited
Setup TimeLongShort
CostExpensiveMore affordable
Usage AreasConstruction, Energy, Transportation, AviationBuilding Facade Cleaning, Glass Replacement, Painting, Electrical Installation, Tree Pruning, Roof Repair

Here are the differences between telescopic crane and spider platform:

  • Telescopic cranes have a higher lifting capacity, while spider platforms have a lower lifting capacity.
  • Spider platforms can work in narrower areas, while telescopic cranes are used in wider areas.
  • Telescopic cranes are more expensive, whereas spider platforms are more affordable.
  • Spider platforms have quicker and easier setup, while telescopic cranes require longer setup time.

What Is a Telescopic Crane?

A telescopic crane is a type of crane equipped with a "hydraulic boom" that can extend and retract. This boom allows telescopic cranes to provide higher reach and a wider working area compared to other types of cranes.

Telescopic Crane

Key Features of Telescopic Cranes

High lifting capacity: Telescopic cranes can have a lifting capacity ranging from 10 tons to 120 tons.

Wide working area: The booms of telescopic cranes have the ability to move horizontally and vertically, allowing the crane to extend the load in different directions and reach a wide area.

Compactness: Telescopic cranes can be mounted on truck or crawler chassis, making them easily transportable and suitable for various job sites.

Versatility: Telescopic cranes can be used in various industries such as construction, energy, transportation, and aviation.

Usage Areas of Telescopic Cranes

Construction: Used for building construction and maintenance, installation of prefabricated structures, and erection of crane towers.

Energy: Used for the installation and maintenance of wind turbines, erection of electricity pylons.

Transportation: Used for transporting heavy loads, loading and unloading from ships and trucks.

Aviation: Used for aircraft maintenance and repair, engine replacement.

Telescopic cranes are versatile and powerful equipment that provide the ability to work at high altitudes. Depending on the usage areas, telescopic cranes are available in different sizes and capacities.

What Is a Spider Platform?

A spider platform is a specialized platform that provides the ability to work at high altitudes in narrow spaces and uneven terrains. Also known as a "crawler platform" or "octopus platform".

Spider Platform

Key Features of Spider Platforms

  • Compactness and maneuverability: Spider platforms can be easily used in narrow spaces and uneven terrains due to their small size and crawler chassis.
  • Quick setup: The setup and operation of spider platforms are faster and easier compared to other platforms.
  • Environmentally friendly: Spider platforms cause less damage to the ground compared to tire-based platforms.
  • Safety: Spider platforms are equipped with safety features such as stabilizing legs and safety harnesses.

Usage Areas of Spider Platforms

  • Building facade cleaning and maintenance

  • Glass replacement and repair

  • Painting and plastering

  • Electrical installation and maintenance

  • Tree pruning and maintenance

  • Roof repair and maintenance

  • Installation and maintenance of advertising panels

Spider platforms are versatile and easy-to-use equipment that provide the ability to work at high altitudes. Depending on the usage areas, spider platforms are available in different sizes and capacities.

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